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2 brothers who want to help students and their parents learn about investing.  2 ways to make money off stocks: Dividends and Capital Appreciation.  

We also run Young Guns Weightlifting Club, an award winning free weightlifting and boxing club for Fraser Valley youth. We plan to use dividends and capital appreciation to pay for operating costs of our club. This is how we ensure the club is free for youth.

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In 2006, Iron Man director, Jon Favreau, and its star, Robert Downey Jr., were developing the Tony Stark character for the Iron Man film...

The Flash and Nike: Speed and Control

Have you seen The Flash TV show? Barry Allen is a crime scene investigator with the Central City Police Department. Barry has a well paid...

Investing and Building a Superhero Body

A very strange thing happened recently. Car rental company Hertz Global Holdings filed for bankruptcy but shares of the company shot up....

Is Money the Best Superpower?

"Following's not really my style." - Tony Stark People who have seen the Ironman movies know Tony Stark is a genius inventor,...

Batman Knows About Investing

Batman was rich and knew how to invest. I will explain how Bruce Wayne was the richest superhero. He had more money then Ironman (Tony...

Why Buy Stocks that Pay Dividends?

Can anyone buy shares of companies? Yes, anyone can buy shares of large global corporations such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Bank of Nova...

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